Aleron is a social impact consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals, organisations, and governments to create positive change in society.

We work with mission driven organisations, government, corporates, investors and philanthropists to unlock the potential barriers to social change. We support them to:

Aleron_Areas of Support

Enabling Change Makers

We Enable Mission Driven Organisations To Deliver Transformative Social Change

We have seen first-hand the tremendous impact that social action can have in transforming society – whether lobbying for fairer laws or enriching the life of a child in need. However, we have also seen how challenging and frustrating it can be to make sustainable changes happen at scale.

Aleron partners with charities, social entreprises and other impact businesses to drive social change.

Maximising Social Impact

We Help Organisations To Measure Their Social Impact and Increase It

We work with organisations across sectors to measure, manage and maximise their social impact.

Starting from their strategy, we support them in articulating their logic model, defining outcomes and identifing the best solution for ongoing impact measurement.

We partner with software companies to design impact and performance management solutions that provide the insight required while minimising costs.

Building Internal Capabilities

We Develop Internal Team and Build Sustainable Tools and Solutions

Capacity building is essential to the long term sustainability of mission driven organisations. Trully impactful organisations are those who are investing in their people, tools, processes and technology to deliver a predictable, measurable, replicable and sustainable impact. Aleron works with internal team to develop the right skills and ensure that our work provides lasting effect on the organisation.

We deliver capacity building through co-design approaches, training programmes, formal and informal mentoring and bespoke solutions and tools.

Connecting With Investors

We Help Organisations Being Investment Ready and Connecting Them with Relevant Investors

Most organisations are questionning the sustainability of their funding model. Our team works with them to identifying their funding requirements, develop a funding strategy and secure the appropriate funding.

We are an approved provided to various Government funded investment readiness programmes. We also run accelerator programmes for foundations and impact funds.